WRAP Israeli, Palestinian reax to UN vote calling for finish to wall building

one. Lorry driving along road managing parallel to momentary fence (precursor of long term wall)
2. Shut up of fence
3. Bulldozer moving rubble
4. Bulldozers following to fence and wall site
five. Shut up of ‘Danger’ signal
6. Very long shot of fence
7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Daniel Taub, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman
“The (UN) Normal Assembly is a clearly political human body. It’s not authorised to make legal determinations. We have observed how political it is currently. It’s certainly ridiculous to check out to analyse whether the fence is a proportionate response to terrorism without having very seriously taking into consideration the terrorism that it is really hoping to end.”
8. Taub being interviewed

9. SOUNDBITE (English) Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian spokeswoman:
“It’s quite very clear that Israel has proven overall disregard and disdain for international regulation and the will of the international community and persists as performing as a state above the regulation, at the same time it is performing with extraordinary arrogance by producing points on the ground that are not only illegal but are very ominous and will destabilise the complete region. These extremists, hardline governments, exist, survive on provocation and functions of lawlessness. This has to end and Israel has to be created issue to accountability.”
ten. Ashrawi walks absent


The Israeli govt suggests it is undeterred by a UN resolution calling for an finish to the developing of a barrier involving the Jewish state and the Palestinian West Bank.

The UN Normal Assembly on Tuesday night passed a resolution demanding that Israel stop developing the wall.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman dismissed the UN resolution, expressing the Normal Assembly was not authorised to make legal determinations.

Hanan Ashrawi, a Palestinian spokeswoman, reacted expressing that Israel was operate by an “extremist, hardline” govt that was not interested in international regulation.

As well as demanding a halt to the barrier, which cuts deep into the West Bank, the resolution also known as on Israel to dismantle the section of the wall which has by now been crafted. It lifted the probability of even further UN action if Israel would not comply.

Palestinians declare the barrier – a network of fences, walls, razor wire and trenches stretching much more than 145
kilometres (ninety miles) – is a land grab in advance of any attainable talks about the borders of a Palestinian state.

Israel insists the barrier is important to prevent suicide attacks against Israelis and that its building is purely for safety and will aid produce an atmosphere conducive to peace talks.

The Normal Assembly vote was one hundred forty four in favour, four opposed and twelve abstentions.

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