Saddles – Why We Require Saddles with Trees – by Jochen Schleese

Saddle Match and Saddle Trees
The ongoing controversy — Treed or Treeless?

Treeless advocates experience easily and effectively in their “saddles”. But hold an open up mind to the likely harm you could be accomplishing to your horse — in the extensive run!

Only a tree keeps the rider off the horse’s horizontal backbone. You may well think that to a horse a rider’s vertical backbone and fat is of little consequence. The horse’s centre of stability is straight guiding the withers. A treeless saddle sits so shut to the horse’s back again that the rider can not get significantly ample ahead and will be guiding the movement. The ‘saddle’ may well sit guiding the horse’s previous supporting rib (ie., earlier the saddle assistance space). On a treeless saddle, the seat bones will dig into the horses back again. A woman’s pubic symphysis is also in engage in — rather uncomfortably. A 1/2 hour hack 2x/week is no massive offer, but an upper degree dressage horse that has a rider a hundred and fifty lbs on its back again upwards of forty minutes four-six days/week? Indeed, there may well be more freedom in the shoulder via the scapula, but there are trees with flex, shoulder aid panels, and rear-struggling with tree details — whilst continue to supporting the vertical and horizontal backbone of rider and horse respectively.

A lot scapular harm has been done by tree details that are improperly angled and way too slim. A saddle with for a longer period tree details that angle backward is the best possible. A tree can be incredibly detrimental if it is not produced and equipped accurately, but no tree at all leads to soreness as effectively. Fibre-optic cameras and thermography scans have proven resulting bone chips and shoulder accidents to the horse — as effectively as other symptomatic problems.

Important is that the tree fits the horse each in length and over the withers. Treeless saddles (in essence bareback pads) may well work for a whilst, particularly if the horse has been ridden in a badly fitting treed saddle, but inevitably regular tension will result in irreparable harm.

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Post time: 01-18-2016