raising pigs devoid of odor and on the inexpensive

Brian Kerkvliet, of Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, Washington, shows some of his new pigs.

Pigs are a normally cleanse animal that will do their enterprise in a single corner of a even bigger house. No odor. No stink. Brian states the only way pigs will stink is if you allow them fester in a single spot.

The pig fence is inventory panels held with each other with caribeaners.

Brian is developing tons of things that the pigs will self harvest. The most significant getting sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes). But no make any difference wherever you shift the pigs there is a good deal much more to take in, thus decreasing the feed prices.

Pigs appreciate to take in blackberry roots – and are a great way to control blackberry issues.

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Post time: 02-16-2016