Professional – Merked

I DO NOT Own THIS Track, All credit goes to Professional and Achieve Information.

An additional banger from Professional. This song is tryna assistance you all realise that you shouldn’t get caught up in the rubbish this environment has to offer. It’s going to get you ‘merked,’ which refers to getting on your own killed (spiritually). There is a spiritual dimension to this environment, I hope you all realise that :) . This lifetime just isn’t just like ‘Yeah when I die, I die, practically nothing following.’ There is a following, and that following will involve two places. Heaven or Hell. I bet you all read this story before :P , but it can be serious. Do not believe me, study into God’s phrase. It is the handbook to this lifetime, on how to live it, and how to be sure to God at the same time :) . (, or just get a hard duplicate on your own. This God is so serious, I hope you realise this :) . God enjoys you so a lot as very well, I suggest He has all the splendour up in Heaven, yet He nevertheless selected to arrive down to this Earth and die on a cross, to established us no cost. Now explain to me, if THAT just isn’t enjoy, what is? If you obtained a feeling within of you, that ‘maybe’ this is real, very well that is God functioning in you. He is telling you that He is serious. I really don’t treatment if you phone me silly for believing in this God :) , just placing it out there, but I just really don’t want to be responsible for your dropped soul. God bless you all, and choose treatment of yourselves :)

1. God
2. Keep Me Down
3. Distinct the Air (feat. Lecrae)
4. Know You (feat. Rick Trotter)
5. Lower
6. Aye You
7. In the Club (feat. Conviction)
8. This Cage
9. Merked
ten. Not Responsible
11. Bout Dat
12. Electricity To Die (feat. Brothatone)
thirteen. Combat Audio
14. On It (feat. Conviction, Cannon)
15. All I Know
16. Depend On You (feat. Chris Davis)
17. Slave to You
eighteen. Blow My Intellect (feat. Roslyn Welch) [Bonus Monitor]
19. Who I Be (feat. Cannon) [Bonus Monitor]
20. Murder Swag [Bonus Monitor]

Post time: 01-20-2016