Photo voltaic will ban fracking.

Photo voltaic strength is developing solar cash.

Photo voltaic strength is long run cash.

Cash today is dependent on oil.

To create adjust, we want to create solar strength,

which will create solar cash and so create a

new overall economy dependent on the strength of the Commons,

Paper cash is like a bee without the need of a stinger to back again her up.

What will the cash of the in close proximity to long run be dependent on?

It will be dependent on what we make as our most important source of strength.

It is greater to vote for what you want,

and not get her,

than to vote for what you don’t want,

and get him.

The media tells us who is most most likely to gain a race.

So most individuals, wanting to be “appreciated”, wanting to “glimpse ordinary”,

wanting to be “on the profitable side”,

will vote for whomever the media claims is the “profitable” horse.

Elections are not a horse race.

Elections are strategies for a adjust.

Adjust does not happen quickly.

To adjust truth, we initial should adjust several minds.

People’s actions.

To adjust people’s actions on a large problem like world warming we want to have a extended dialogue.

A marketing campaign is the commencing, the commence of, that Extensive dialogue.

Numerous candidates are individuals who genuinely suggest very well.

They have open minds and genuinely want to do what is most effective for the environment.

What they then want is new info.

A new paraidyme. paridyme, pairadyme,

Even my laptop does not know how to spell pare-dime,???

Discovering a candidate who is clever plenty of to stick to her have brain,

to not be controllable by cash, but is most influenced by science,

by pro view is the cause we have public elections.

It is like becoming on a jury trial.

You adjust your brain every day, as you hear to both sides of the circumstance.

You make up your brain on who to vote for by listening, and then speaking about the pros & downsides with your jury users.

Have you noticed the motion picture, “twelve Offended adult males”. ???

One particular of the 10 most effective flicks ever produced. At any time.

Each and every attorney in the environment watches this motion picture as soon as a yr.

It is the full psychology of how society improves.

I am voting for Cindy Sheehan for governor, because she has the most effective voice, most effective ideas,

on how we can adjust from an oil overall economy, to a solar overall economy.

How we can help save Mom Earth from the oil wars, the filthy oil wars,
the poverty of the oil overall economy, the filthy air of the oil overall economy,

and shift to a decentralized strength foundation that comes from the Commons.

Photo voltaic strength is totally free, unrestricted, safer, cleaner and greater.

Now, if we can just figure out how to electric power every metropolis from solar panels,

we can help save our Earth from centralized oil pollution,

centralized oil cash, centralized oil command of the media,

Because oil is only observed in a couple of areas on earth, Oil lets the one% to command our strength plan.

One particular person can have an oil very well. So, One particular person can have all the strength offer of a full country.

By shifting to solar panels as our strength source, anyone with a setting up can “have a source of strength”.

Now if we have a plan that lets individuals with a surplus of solar to provide it on to the grid, we can shift our strength plan from the one% to the 99%.

Nevertheless, the sun is just about everywhere. If we can uncover a way to electric power every dwelling with solar panels, that will make it possible for anyone to have an “oil very well” on their roof.

I am voting for Bernie Sanders for Prez.,….. if he advocates for a solar feed in tariff payment plan ( Fit ) that involves Utilities to pay back dwelling proprietors $.49 kwh, for feeding solar on to the grid.

This positions plan will create 22 million new positions.

This will cease world warming. This will cease the oil wars.

What can encourage a candidate to undertake a new and greater situation on how to cease this crazy weather sweeping the environment?

Post time: 02-03-2016