People’s Weather March.

Sunday 21 Sept. 3pm, fulfill in SF
March & Rally,
2940 sixteenth st & Mission, 302

five fantastic speakers:
Previous Supervisor Carol Ruth Silver,

David Grace,

Brian Foster, PG&E pro on San Bruno

Rev. Will Scott, Interfaith Solar & Light

Paul Kangas, ” Solar is creating a million positions a calendar year.

solar one

Cease assault on Arizona solar panels.

Fracking is lifeless! Germany has banned fracking, by to start with developing tens of millions of 2X solar powered homes.  
Solar powered homes are not nonetheless born in the minds of People.   

Chat to any environmental activist in 350, NRDC, Sierra Club or Habitat for Humanity.
They are all robust advocates from fracking, tar sands, KXL & all fossil fuels.  
But they have the cart prior to the horse.
They want to prevent the use of fossil fuels,  but they do not know how to prevent the KXL pipeline,….  by developing tens of millions of 2X solar powered homes.

Greens realize politics, but they do not realize economics and concept.

The exception remaining the thousand people all over Mayor Rex Parris of Lancaster, Ca.
They are developing a million solar powered homes, 
but they are not 2X solar powered homes, nonetheless.
They do not nonetheless realize the crying will need for positions, 
that can be produced by 2X solar powered homes.
They have not nonetheless grasp the industrialization of solar.

Youtube: paul8kangas

Post time: 02-15-2016