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Created by: Jordan Metro


Shaking up the match
Just like a pair of dice
Rhymes kamikaze into paradise
Parasites they perish
The DJ goes *Errehh*
And they paralyzed
Apparently under no circumstances could review to I
Just Understood I’m
Marty Mcfly
Pablo Picasso
They Questioning what is in shop
I Got extra item than costco
Praise black Jesus
Spitting that ghetto gospel
Lyric apostle
The Nuns bought me in cuckhold
I’m a challenging n*****
Will not think you are going to bear in mind me
Just end and consider a picture
I am going to signal it make it out to d**k
And I am going to continue to be the victor
Stick em with a cattle prod
Imagine that I’m a joke
You chortle at me
You chortle at God
Loading up That Macintosh
With Professional Instruments
To get like Goku
Tremendous Saiyan in that f****** cellphone booth
Grandmama cooking up that soul foodstuff
Take a plate household I thought I informed you
Y’all n****** know you will find no rules

Flame Spitta
That you n***** will not know
S*** about
Balled so really hard
That my coach he had to sit me out
Rep Carolina cuz it is in the south
This n***** informed me I was completed
Took my *pen in* trapped it in his mouth
Keep up keep up, yo
I ain’t homosexual or practically nothing
The words that I say disgusting
I’m fighting temptations like I’m David Ruffin
And huffing and puffing like massive poor wolfs
The Three very little piggies
Operate from songs when they will not have hooks my
Mom and my father shook
squandered instruction
Sallie Mae simply call day to day expressing that I need to
Make some payments
But why the f*** need to I pay out
When I be preserving the working day
On a each day basis
With out no capes
And bought heroes across the nation?
Encounter it
Y’all n***** make me
Wanna vomit
And these B****** ain’t no diverse they
Chasing rings like they sonic
Flying through earths orbit with comets
I’m these a comedian nerd
Which is under no circumstances been to comedian con
Cuz mama took that car or truck and swerved
Serving you revenge
It is like a cold dish
And n***** know this
Harry potter spit that
Hocus pocus
Still concentrated on a line
I explained some time back
Very well you need to possibly hang yourself
All you gotta find is rope
This is but a word that explain this
Line for f*****n line this rhyme is f****** timeless
The Villains them guys despise it
But a person working day I had writers block
And decided to test this.

No rules

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Post time: 02-18-2016