Farm Issue – Bud Bins – Sept. 22, 2015

(Conrad) Welcome back again. We finish Farm Issue with an extension expert from Backyard City named Justin Waggoner. (Justin) So, Bud Bins are a definitely neat strategy as much as I can inform. They’re named soon after the person Bud Williams, stockmanship skilled. And Bud Williams is form of father of the modern day stockmanship movement, if you want to search at him that way. And you will find a ton of other stockmanship experts out there now. They’re form of practising what I contact versions of what Bud Williams taught us about dealing with cattle and livestock. And effectively what it is is it is an alley where the cattle are going to come in. It can be received an open, definitely a dead close that is just an open fence at the close where the cattle come in and then the load out or the chute is commonly commonly set at a ideal angle, closer to where the gate is at the close. And so the cattle are going to come in , obtain that they can’t go ahead any additional, commonly cattle want to turn about at that issue. So as we deliver a set of cattle into a Bud Box, if we pause as we shut that gate on the close, those cattle are going to gradually turn about and if the cattle handler walks, essentially just perpendicular alongside the reverse web site of the fence where the cattle…both reverse to the load out or the alleyway up into the chute, the cattle will truly circulation past and about the handler to go up in to both the alleyway or the chute or into the load out. In conditions of just typical layout, they are square corners. We really don’t have form of those flowing arches that we would have in a round sort tub facility or anything like that, so they are incredibly conducive for producers. I have seen folks in the state develop ‘em out of a set of portable panels and all the way to some elaborate devices that are staying in feedyards now. For a lot more of Farm Issue, or if you want to perspective this method yet again, go to us on Or you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. So have a good day with good luck.

Post time: 01-19-2016