EquineIR Thermal Imaging Education = San Diego – 28 to 30 August 2012 (United Infrared) – Prior to there was an very affordable commercial amount of thermography, veterinarians could only locate a horse’s muscle or nerve problems by utilizing traditional approaches these as observation and palpation.

Prior to there was an very affordable thermal imaging camera, abnormalities had been normally skipped, resulting in critical problems for the horse, and price for the owner.

Now, thermal imaging methods, made and refined in excess of the earlier twenty-5 yrs, let a properly trained thermographer to take a distinct sequence of thermal images that help properly trained equine veterinarian to determine opportunity problems just before they turn into sizeable.

Thermal imaging is applied for Typical Diagnostic and Preventive Drugs, Pre-Purchase & Pre-Party Analysis, Hoof Balancing & Saddle Fitting, as well as Irritation, Muscle mass & Nerve Difficulties.

Every single rider appreciates a saddle need to distribute their weight evenly throughout a horse’s again. Nonetheless, according to, stats suggest 80% of all saddles create some style of issue for the reason that they are as well narrow, have tricky panels or make force details.

A saddle that isn’t going to in shape adequately will result in distress and soreness, constantly manifesting alone in behavioral or physical problems.

Find out how to conduct a thermal imaging scan of a horse, together with the saddle, as element of an EquineIR teaching course.Find out how to broaden your business by studying a new software for your infrared camera.

Call 1.888.722.6447 to learn much more about United Infrared’s revolutionary equine thermal imaging teaching module – EquineIR, 1.888.722.6447. Talk to for Peter Hopkins.

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EquineIR Education Course
28 to 30 August 2012
San Diego, CA
DoubleTree by Hilton
Reservations: 858.481.5900 (mention United Infrared)

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