Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer: Best Keeper Construct [Degree 20]

**You should SEE DESCRIPTION FOR Total Manual**

My build below: http://da-competencies.web/#Keeper/D,B10,one hundred ten,one hundred ten,one hundred ten,01C,1A,010,00100,010,010,


- Barrier (offers more wellbeing bar which need to be depleted ahead of you are damaged. 4m AoE, 24s cooldown. fifty mana value. Upgrade decreases cooldown by 4s)

- Fade Stage (Evade capacity. 2s Length, 12s cooldown. Upgrade grants 300% weapon hurt and 8s chill when passing through enemies)

- Disruption Subject (Slows and weakens enemies. Enemies in a 3m AoE have a fifty% speed reduction for 10 seconds. 24s cooldown, 65 mana value. Upgrade decreases speed by 99% for 5s)

- Chain Lightning (250% weapon hurt, 8s shock, up to 4 hits, 5m arc selection, 8s cooldown, fifty mana value. Upgrade presents +4m arc selection and two more hits)

Obligatory Passives

- Energy of Spirits (fifty% barrier bonus)

- Guardian Spirit (Barrier activates when you are poorly hurt)

- Collecting Storm (.5s cooldown reduction per assault)

Unlock Order

Instantly get Fade move upgraded (degree 4). Get Upgraded Disruption Subject (degree 10).Get Guardian Spirit, Upgrade Chain Lightning and get Collecting Storm (degree 16). Fill in rest of details as you want.


The primary aim of this build is to provide an aggressive assistance purpose for your team. Whilst it is attainable for you to stand at the back again of your team and spam limitations more than and more than yet again, I uncover that its substantially much better to contribute to your teams DPS and crowd handle by enabling Fade Stage and Disruption Subject to grow to be offensive alternatively than defensive talents.

Initially off, barrier your team ahead of the demand. Safety first. Future, demand straight into the center of the enemy group and solid Disruption area. Continue being in the bubble. You will be immune to all ranged fire and the melee models will be frozen in time. In the party of a melee unit or two not currently being frozen, your barrier can take in the hits. As shortly as fade move has occur off cooldown, demand back again out into the flanks and solid chain lightning. Keep barrier off cooldown so that you can use this on your team if they operate into difficulties. Fade move can now be applied to evade enemies and you ought to fulfill a far more traditional Keeper purpose of casting car attacks, barrier when necessary (dont just spam it) and chain lightning.

Disruption Subject will freeze each one enemy other than Behemoths, Pride Demons, Templar Commander and Demon Commander. Us this to trivialize Guardians, enemy rogues and high price targets in typical.

When it comes to zone 5, hold your team alive. Don’t pull any heroics. Your purpose is to make certain that your teams limitations are topped up and that all 4 of you stay alive. Do not beneath any circumstances get into LoS of Archers, mainly because you will die. And when you die, your team will stick to fit if you are their lifeline.

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