Cindy Sheehan in Berkeley four-twelve-fourteen, 5pm.

It is better to vote for what you want,

and not get her,

than to vote for what you will not want,

and get him.

The media tells us who is most most likely to acquire a race.

So most persons, seeking to be “favored”, seeking to “search usual”,

seeking to be “on the successful aspect”,

will vote for whomever the media states is the “successful” horse.

Elections are not a horse race.

Elections are strategies for a alter.

Adjust does not come about simply.

To alter fact, we to start with have to alter a lot of minds.

People’s actions.

To alter people’s actions on a big concern like worldwide warming we need to have to have a very long dialogue.

A campaign is the starting, the begin of, that Extensive dialogue.

Many candidates are persons who actually indicate nicely.

They have open up minds and actually want to do what is ideal for the globe.

What they then need to have is new facts.

A new paraidyme. paridyme, pairadyme,

Even my computer system does not know how to spell pare-dime,???

Obtaining a candidate who is intelligent ample to observe her possess thoughts,

to not be controllable by cash, but is most affected by science,

by skilled impression is the purpose we have public elections.

It is like currently being on a jury demo.

You alter your thoughts every single working day, as you hear to the two sides of the case.

You make up your thoughts on who to vote for by listening, and then talking about the execs & drawbacks with your jury members.

Have you found the motion picture, “twelve Offended guys”. ???

A single of the 10 ideal movies at any time produced. Ever.

Each and every legal professional in the globe watches this motion picture once a yr.

It is the entire psychology of how modern society improves.

I am voting for Cindy Sheehan for governor, for the reason that she has the ideal voice, ideal tips,

on how we can alter from an oil overall economy, to a photo voltaic overall economy.

How we can help save Mother Earth from the oil wars, the soiled oil wars,
the poverty of the oil overall economy, the soiled air of the oil overall economy,

and change to a decentralized electricity base that will come from the Commons.

Photo voltaic electricity is no cost, unlimited, safer, cleaner and better.

Now, if we can just determine out how to ability every single town from photo voltaic panels,

we can help save our World from centralized oil air pollution,

centralized oil cash, centralized oil handle of the media,

For the reason that oil is only observed in a few spots on earth, Oil lets the one% to handle our electricity policy.

A single particular person can possess an oil nicely. So, A single particular person can possess all the electricity source of a entire nation.

By shifting to photo voltaic panels as our electricity source, every person with a constructing can “possess a source of electricity”.

Now if we have a policy that lets persons with a surplus of photo voltaic to sell it on to the grid, we can change our electricity policy from the one% to the ninety nine%.

Even so, the sunshine is all over the place. If we can find a way to ability every single dwelling with photo voltaic panels, that will let every person to have an “oil nicely” on their roof.

I am voting for Bernie Sanders for Prez.,….. if he advocates for a photo voltaic feed in tariff payment policy ( Fit ) that demands Utilities to spend dwelling owners $.forty nine kwh, for feeding photo voltaic on to the grid.

This jobs policy will generate 22 million new jobs.

This will quit worldwide warming. This will quit the oil wars.

What can inspire a candidate to undertake a new and better situation on how to quit this crazy weather sweeping the globe?

Post time: 02-02-2016