Border Patrol Harassing Men and women Far From Border, Just Inquire Snoop Puppy & Willy Nelson

“Carlota Wray squints towards a sharp afternoon solar and navigates her pickup along Arivaca Road’s jutting curves and over rattling metal cattle guards. Wray, fifty six, has been driving this route, in and out of the valley among Arivaca and the relaxation of Arizona, for virtually her entire adult everyday living.

She has nothing at all to hide—not underneath her blue sweater vest or in the panels of the automobile. Wray turned a U.S. citizen in 2008 just after years of permanent residency. However she still cleans out her automobile every time she sets off towards Tucson. She has to cross a checkpoint and will have to defend what she will by no means be equipped to conceal: her Mexican roots.

“I know that Border Patrol abuse Latinos, persons with brown skin, as stunning as God produced us,” she claims. “I see that my friends, my loved ones are questioned and judged devoid of cause, just for being Latino. They inquire concerns that are not important, but I am not performing nearly anything mistaken.””* The Youthful Turks host Ana Kasparian ( breaks it down.

*Read more below from Amy Lieberman / Slate: content/news_and_politics/politics/2014/07/arizona_immigration_checkpoint_criticism_border_patrol_harasses_persons_and.html

Post time: 02-10-2016