17th March 2014 – Saint Patrick’s Parade, Dublin – The route from Mountjoy Road to Parnell Sq.

The distinct-up begins following Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

Not extended following the final of the many contributors in the Saint Patrick’s Parade have remaining the start of the route at Mountjoy Road, the crews have now been eradicating the group regulate boundaries in the nearby region in Dublin town centre.

Led by Grand Marshal Stephen Roche, the Parade experienced Performers hundreds of contributors ranging from Artistic effectiveness organizations, to Marching Bands, watched by an approximated five hundred,000, on a route two.5km extended ending at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.

The Mountjoy Road region has come to be the common accumulating spot and holding bay for all of the Parade contributors as they await their scheduled slot in every year’s Parade running get, generally consisting of many combos of motor cars and floats, typically Irish Artistic theatrical effectiveness groups and the Marching Bands – normally from Eire, The us but other country’s bands show up in many many years.

The route of this video is Mountjoy Road, by the Intercontinental Youth Hostel, to the junction with Western Way by the Black Church, then moves to St Mary’s Area North, then at the junction with Dorset Road crosses in excess of to Granby Row, downhill on to Parnell Sq. East, seeking remaining to Parnell Sq. North at the place the Parade officially starts from. The Parade ends at St Patrick’s Cathedral, in Dublin.’s_Day’s_Cathedral,_Dublin

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